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Valid since: June 9th, 2017.

This document constitutes our Privacy Notice and Policy to guide the management, treatment, and protection of personal data collected from our users.
BWOMI LLC, as a liable party, is a company incorporated under the laws of the United States of America, which main activity consist of providing a communication service for businesspeople that allows them to voluntary share clients by using our Application, among others. With corporate address at 12550 Biscayne Blvd Ste 110, Miami, FL 33181 USA. Email: or to the legal department’s
BWOMI LLC, its subsidiaries, affiliates, and related companies, hereafter referred to as “Bwomi,” are committed to protecting the privacy and personal data collected from our users and visitors.
The following Privacy Notice and Policy describes the information collected and processed by Bwomi; we also explain how it’s used for the better service of our users and visitors during their visit to our website (hereinafter the “Website”) and when using the Bwomi mobile application (hereinafter the “App”).
Please read the following information carefully to better understand our Privacy Notice and Policy and if you have any questions to this regard, contact us by email at

This Privacy Notice describes and protects the treatment of your personal information, collected by Bwomi at the time of your user registration, and when using our App, you agree to voluntarily provide said information to Bwomi and expressly consent its use and management as set forth in this Notice.
By accepting this Privacy Notice and Policy, you accept that all the information provided by you to Bwomi is transferred, processed and stored on servers located in the United States and to be subjected to the laws applicable to data protection in such country; you release Bwomi from any legal responsibility in your country of origin.

Information collected by Bwomi
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Information not collected by Bwomi
Consent to use information provided to Bwomi
Data processing outside your country
Our commitment to data security
Our commitment to children privacy
Communication channels provided by other users and Bwomi
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Third party advertising and links to other websites
Account suspension and shut down
Data Retention
Changes to the Privacy Notice and Policy
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Information collected by Bwomi

The data and personal information you need to be registered in Bwomi are: face photograph, name, surname, email, country, state, city, country code, mobile phone number, date of birth, gender, business activity, specialty or specific area of activity, personal description or introduction message (in this case you should avoid sensible contact data, if otherwise, this Privacy Notice will be null, and Bwomi LLC will be released from any liability).

To protect your privacy and security, we have taken all the reasonable measures (such as SMS authentication) to verify your identity before capturing your mobile phone number and granting you access to the Bwomi service.

The personal identification information provided by you through our website or the App will be use for the operation, maintenance and for the functionality of the features of the Bwomi service when using the App. Particularly, your mobile phone number, your name, and email are essential when using the service since such data the system links your profile and your activity within the App.

The Description field has been designed so users may express their commercial purposes, their experience or any message related to them (“I´m searching for suppliers in a specific region or city”, “My services’ coverage is local, national or international”, “I need a supplier with the following characteristics”, “We have 15 years of experience in…”, “I’m specialized in beams,” etc.) without mentioning personal or contact data such as phone number, email website, etc. In case of sharing sensible and or contact information, Bwomi may sanction or even cancel your account as user of the Bwomi Application, as well as be released from legal liability for the misuse of said information, which stops being confidential and therefore is no longer protected by these Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions of Use established by Bwomi LLC.

When you request others to be part of your contacts’ network, Bwomi synchronizes the information of your phone’s address book to identify the contacts using Bwomi and those who don’t.


We may use your identifying personal information and some non-personal information (such as anonymous user data, cookies, IP addresses, type of browser, browsing data, etc.) to improve the quality and design of Bwomi’s website and the Bwomi’s Application, to create new characteristics, promotions, functions, and services by storing, following-up, and analyzing users’ preferences and tendencies. We may also use cookies and filed information to a) remember information, so you don’t have to re-introduce it during your visits or the next time you use our service (the Bwomi App) or the Bwomi website; b) provide personalized content such as the number of visits, seen pages, productivity, among others; and d) the follow-up of your accesses, submissions, opinions, suggestions and requests during your use of the Bwomi App.

Bwomi Chat

The Bwomi App has a chat system, which uses your phone’s data service (whether by Wi-Fi or cellular data). Users send each other messages, and if a recipient is not online, non-delivered messages will be kept in the Bwomi’s server until they can be delivered. If the non-delivered message is no delivered in a thirty (30) days terms, it will be deleted from our servers.
Once the message has been delivered, it will not be kept on our servers. The content of the messages is nor kept or retained by Bwomi in any way, the only registry of the content of any delivered message resides directly on the mobile devices of the sender and the recipient (and which may be deleted by the customer’s choice). Notwithstanding the foregoing, Bwomi may retain information such as the date and time associated with successfully delivered messages, as well as any other information Bwomi is legally bound to collect.

Bwomi’s GPS feature

Our GPS feature is designed to find other Bwomi users in accordance with the following search criteria: Name, activity, specialized activity, city, rating, or amount of operations closed within the App. With the purpose of inviting them to be part of your business network or to send them a commercial referral.
Said GPS feature provides information regarding the number of miles or kilometers between you and other users. However, it does not provide your exact location or that of the other users.
If you have activated the Premium version of our services, you will be able to hide from the GPS feature if you wish it, and only be visible for your personal business network.

Social Networks
By accepting to link your Bwomi account with your social networks such as Facebook o LinkedIn, Bwomi collects your name and surname and uses the user account and password of said social networks, so you don’t have to add them later again.
It’s important to notice that Bwomi does not store and cannot decode your password for said social networks, it only links your accounts so you can access Bwomi more easily.

Information not collected or provided by Bwomi.

Bwomi does not provide, to any other user in the network, your phone number, email, specific location or any other contact information, however, at the time you add a new Bwomi user to your business network, the App will allow you to chat with such user; if you share sensible or contact information while using the chat, you must take into account that such information becomes public content and will no longer be considered identifying personal information subjected to the Privacy Notice and Policy.

Bwomi does no collect names, emails, addresses or any other information from your contact’s list. However, it does detect who are Bwomi users so you may add them to your business network as well as contacts who are not Bwomi users so you can invite them to use the application if you wish to.

Consent to use information provided to Bwomi

Bwomi will be able to share your contact information when you or another user produce a commercial referral in which you are the client.
Bwomi will not sell, cede or transfer your personal information to third parties without your prior consent, except for the following cases: to investigate, prevent or take any action against illegal activities, suspected fraud or situations that may represent potential threats to the physical safety of any person, the terms and conditions herein, or when required by law or a court order, warrant or equivalent, issued by the government of your country, the international law or when deem necessary, by reasonable doubt, likewise in the case of third parties such as service suppliers, as it may be deemed necessary to maintain or improve Bwomi’s services; we may also share non-personal and identifying information (such as user’s data use anonymous information, exit pages, and URLs, type of platforms, screens visited, number of clicks, etc.) with third parties for the better understanding of usage patterns for content, services, advertising, promotions, and the functionality of the Bwomi’s website and application.

The personal information provided by you to us may reveal or allow other people to identify several aspects of your life which do not figure in your profile (e.g. your photo or your name may reveal your gender). By facilitating personal information to us and voluntarily and expressly accepting the terms and conditions established by our Conditions of Use, additionally, you accept and freely consent to the processing of your personal information in accordance with the methods established by this Privacy Policy. Providing us with personal information considered as “delicate” by the applicable legislation is a voluntary action.

To retrieve or modify your consent regarding the collection and management of information provided by you to Bwomi, you just need to stop using the Bwomi services, delete your account and uninstall de App from your mobile device.

We may, however, use your phone number or your email address without your consent, for non-commercial purposes such as administrative and technical information, Bwomi events invitations, newsletters, or follow-up of communications to improve your experience with us.

Bwomi also reserves the right to disclose identifying personal information and or non-personal information it deems convenient or necessary to comply with this terms and conditions of use.

Data Processing outside your country

We may transfer your information and process it outside your country of residence, where Bwomi, its affiliates or service suppliers perform their operations.

Bwomi’s website and application are hosted on servers located in the United States and are intended and directed to users in the United States. If you are a user and access the website and other Bwomi’s App services from the European Union, Asia or any other region in the world where the laws and regulations applicable to personal data collection, their use and disclosure differed from those in the United States, please take into account that through the constant use of Bwomi’s website and application, you subject to the laws of the State of Florida, to this Privacy Notice and the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Our Commitment to Data Security

Bwomi has reliable data management processes and several techniques to preserve the integrity and security of your personal information. However, we cannot guarantee at a 100% the security of the information since technology is in constant evolution, as are the different types of cyber attacks, therefore, even when our security measures meet high protection standards, you accept to share your information with us at your own risk.

We do not recommend the use of Wi-Fi networks which have not been secured and other unprotected networks to send messages through the Bwomi’s application chat.

Bwomi performs reasonable commercial efforts to protect data security. However, consider it not to be a guarantee regarding the access, disclosure, modification, or destruction of such information due to the violation of any of our physical, technical or management security measures. If Bwomi becomes aware of a breach into its security systems, we will try to notify you electronically in such a way that you may take the appropriate protection measures. Bwomi may publish a notice on the website, send you and email, or by posting a notification through the App in the case of occurring a security breach.

Our commitment to children privacy

Since we are an international network of business people in which every user assumes his personal, professional, and legal commitment, we reserve the right to only accept users of legal age.

To Bwomi, protecting the privacy of the underage is especially important. Therefore, Bwomi does not allow the creation of user accounts of people under 21 years old.

If you are younger than 21 years old, we respectfully ask you to abstain from using Bwomi’s application at any time or in any way since our services are not considered to underage people.

If Bwomi becomes aware that the identifying information of an underage person has been collected by the website or through our application (Bwomi), or by a series of users’ reports, Bwomi will take actions to deactivate the account and to keep it inaccessible until such person proves, by communication to our legal department , that he or she is of legal age, if otherwise, the account will remain inaccessible.

Communication Channels provided by other users and Bwomi

Our service is design to offer information provided by:

A user who is a member of your business network:

When you and other user have mutually accepted to be members of each other’s business network, Bwomi will open a communication channel via chat so you may coordinate your mutual support and to send each other commercial referrals.

A user who is not a member of your business network:

When a user is not a member of your business network the only thing he or she will be able to do is to sent you a request to be accepted and added to your network, however, if you do not wish to do so, you may only decline or temporary ignore said request to decide later.

This means that he or she will not be able to contact you or engage communication with you. Therefore, Bwomi will keep your contact information, such as your phone number and email as confidential information.

If a user who is not in your contact’s network sends you a commercial referral and it is converted into a sale, Bwomi will create a communication channel via chat so in case you have decided the payment of a reward, it can be effectively delivered.

Communication from Bwomi

We will communicate with you by email, website advertising, text messages in mobile phones and through notifications received in the App. Among some examples of said communication, we highlight the following: 1. Welcome and participation email, to inform you about the best ways to use our services, new features, updates on your contacts and their activities, etc.; 2. Communications regarding the availability of our service, its security and other matters related to its operation; 3. Promotional messages, coming directly from users on your business network or from Bwomi.

You may choose to stop receiving promotional messages from members in your business network, just go to system settings if you have a Bwomi Master or Premium account. However, consider that you cannot stop receiving messages directly related to our service. Instead, you may only silence them.

Third Party Advertising and links to other websites

Bwomi is currently free of any advertising, and we expect it to continue like this. In case of this circumstance changes, we would be forced to update this Privacy Notice, and it will be your responsibility to be informed of any changes to this Privacy Notice and Policies, which you may visit at any time on our website

In the event of the foregoing, all the free accounts may start receiving advertising from third parties previously authorized by Bwomi, unless you have a Master or Premium account, such circumstance will prevent you from receiving advertising without your prior consent, for such reason you will receive an authorization request.

Account suspension and shut down

To suspend or shut down your Bwomi account, it is necessary that you end all your received commercial operations, once done that, two buttons will be activated in your preferences menu, one to temporarily suspend your account until you decide to reactivate it, and the other to shut down and delete your account, in such way your profile will be hidden for a thirty (30) days’ term before being definitively deleted. If during said 30 days’ term you choose to reactivate your membership and it is still valid, you will immediately reactivate all features in your profile, as provided by the Terms and Conditions of Use.

In case you have any question or comment regarding this Privacy Policy or if you wish to make any improvement suggestion concerning our service and or technology, please send an email to the legal department at You may also send your suggestions through the Bwomi App by going to the App’s settings menu.

Data Retention

We may preserve your personal information even after having deleted your account if it is reasonably necessary to meet all our legal responsibilities and regulations requirements, to settled disputes between members, avoid fraud or abuses or to apply this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Changes to the Privacy Notice and Policy

Bwomi reserves the right to modify or update, at any time, this Privacy Notice and Policy, understanding that the last valid version will be that published on Bwomi’s website and in the settings menu of the Bwomi App, the version published on the website shall supersede any other.

Please verify at the head of this document the last date of modification.

If you do not agree with our Privacy Notice and Policy and or with our Terms and Conditions of Use, please delete your account and uninstall the Bwomi application; if you continue to use the Bwomi services, it will mean that you consent and agree to our Privacy Notice and Policy and to our Terms and Conditions of Use in any of their versions.

Contac Bwomi

Suggestion Box: Please go to the Settings Menu of the Bwomi App.

Bwomi LLC is a company with corporate address in Miami at 12550 Biscayne Blvd Ste 110, Miami, FL 33181 USA.