Code of ethics

Code of ethics

BWOMI community

Valid since June 9th, 2017



Every day thousands of business are incorporated and bankrupt all over around the world due to endless organizational, economic, political, and financial variables among others. However, one of the most damaging is the failure to determine their principles and values, which define their conduct with other businesses, entrepreneurs, clients, and suppliers.


The trust, credibility, honor, and passion to serve, seem more absent from business, producing incalculable negative effects, both social and economic. Is for such reason that, Bwomi is building a Global Community of Entrepreneurs and Professional Freelancers committed to their work and to others, and who are determined to grow better every day, dignifying the trust, honor, professional responsibility and fair treatment among clients and suppliers.


For that we have defined a set of values, moral principles, a Code of Ethics that represents Bwomi’s DNA, what is expected of every member, not only to create economic prosperity in their own businesses but to create a community that values and protects the environment, promotes culture and education, and above all, respects and ensures the habitat that represents our home… planet earth.



By accepting and using the Bwomi App, I recognize that I have become part of the Bwomi Entrepreneurial Community, accepting to follow all the guidelines of this Code of Ethics and the obligation to stop or to avoid any actions that can harm the integrity of this community and its members.










All Bwomi Members:


  1.   Act with transparency and integrity.
  2.   Base their actions on ethics.
  3.   Are united and supportive.
  4.   Thrive to be better every day.
  5.   Act with professionalism and responsibility.
  6.   Value communication and solve our differences with maturity.
  7.   Are honest and comply with the law.
  8.   Care for the confidentiality of our business transactions and of our clients.
  9.   Do not participate or encourage any discriminatory act.
  10. Do not participate or encourage any act of corruption.
  11. Cultivate culture and education.
  12. Protect the environment and our planet.
  13. Respect and are tolerant to others.



Code of Ethics




  • I will be liable for my acts and assume their consequences.




  • I will act with morals avoiding at every moment to infringe the law.
  • I will be honest while doing business with my community partners, as well as with external clients.




  • I state that the information I provided to Bwomi is true and correct.




  • I will protect the friendship and trust that my community partners put on me when they invite me to be part of their commercial allies.




  • I will attend as soon as possible the references that my Bwomi partners send to me, keeping them informed of the advance of the negotiations with prospected clients.


  • I will create real commercial references, validating that the prospective client had agreed to share their contact information to the supplier I recommended.


  • I will not create false references by trying to manipulate my profile statistics or that of others, assuming the consequences if I do so.


  • I will value and respect the attention and trust that every Bwomi member puts on me when sending a commercial reference. Therefore, I will follow each step required by the Reference Follow Up System, regardless of the decision made by the prospective client.



  • I will keep a respectful and helpful attitude.
  • I will provide products and services of the best possible quality.
  • I will provide accurate and up to-date information regarding offered products and services.
  • I will be tactful when negotiating with a client and will not take advantage of him or vice versa.
  • I will advertise responsibly, avoiding misinterpretations.
  • I will respect the codes and regulations applicable to my profession.




  • When I rate Bwomi clients and suppliers with whom I had a trading experience, I will do it with maturity and impartiality, trying to make constructive observations and always in the spirit of helping them improve their customer service systems.


  • When receiving a rating, I will assume the feedback objectively, recognizing the opportunity to enhance my commercial process.


  • I will not try to harm other members of the Bwomi community with malice or false information since I recognize that we all are in the process of continual improvement


  • It is proven that I breached this Code of Ethics, or that I acted with malice or falsehood, and because of the foregoing, I seriously affected the credibility of a member of the community I accept to be suspended or even expelled from the Bwomi Community.




  • When I offer a gratification in the Bwomi App, I will be honest and responsible for providing the gratification to whoever send me the reference, once the client had paid partially or totally the cost of the transaction.


  • When the transaction is not accomplished or in case, the client did not pay the supplier accordingly. I will accept not to be provided with the offered gratification.


  • If a reference is sent to a Bwomi supplier and it is successfully concluded, I will be able to request him or her to send me the respective gratification. In case said gratification is not received within a 90 days’ term, I will be able to rate the gratification as “not received” in the “Gratifications Receivable” section in the App’s menu. However, I will try to request, politely, the supplier to comply with the gratification previously offered by him.  


  • I will always conduct myself with professionalism and respect towards every member of the Bwomi Community.




  • I will value and respect communications with every member of the Bwomi Community, being friendly, objective, and respectful, avoiding the use of words that may offend or bother people with whom I engage a conversation.


  • I will not send images and messages that can be considered as offensive or with the intention to abuse or harass.


  • I will not act, in any way, against the law.





  • Under no circumstance will I attend or try to attend a business meeting which I was not invited to, directly through the system, by the organizer or by a contact on my business network.


  • I will act politely and proactively, to ensure that the meetings are productive and beneficial to everyone.


  • I will assist punctually to the meetings to which I have confirmed my attendance.




  • I will care for the environment by:
    • Identifying and reducing, in every way possible, my environmental footprint.
    • Reducing the use of environmentally harmful products.
    • Saving energy and using, where possible, renewable energy sources.
    • Avoiding water wastage.




  • As a member of BWOMI community, I agree to pursue a positive transcendence, committing to whatever is in my power to improve my surroundings and leaving a better world.



In Bwomi we are convinced that commercial relationships between clients and suppliers must be productive and always in the spirit of mutual benefit, where trust, ethics, and commitment can create a long-term relationship.


Therefore, it is necessary to comply with this code of ethics of the Bwomi Community, which allows us to embody the principles, values, and behaviors expected in our community, attending ethical issues, and creating a self-regulatory system that creates a secure and stable business environment for all.


Be welcome to the Bwomi Business Community.


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